Information Services


Interactive Brokers Information System - Research Platform Fee
(Plus delayed data where available)
Special 12-month Introductory Price $69.00* Free Trial
Standard Price $89.00
Non-professionals receive the US stock bundle free with the Research Platform subscription.



IBIS Data Services
The Research Data Bundle for each region includes the following:
  • Reuters Worldwide Fundamentals
  • Reuters Global Newswire (In Non-Professionals Bundle)
  • Reuters StreetEvents Calendars
  • Region Specific Dow Jones Real Time News
  • (In Professionals Bundle - Global and North America only)
Research Data Bundle Non-Professional
Monthly Fees
Free Trial**
Monthly Fees
Free Trial**
North America USD39.00 USD149.00
Asia Pacific USD39.00 USD149.00
Europe USD39.00 USD149.00
Global (includes all three regions) USD64.00 USD189.00
A La Carte Research Subscription Prices (Requires Research Platform)
Dow Jones Global Market News** Free Trial USD199.00 USD199.00
Dow Jones News Service** Free Trial USD115.00 USD115.00
Dow Jones Real Time News (by region)
• North America** Free Trial USD30.00 N/A
• Asia Pacific** Free Trial USD30.00 N/A
• Europe** Free Trial USD30.00 N/A
• Global (includes all three regions)** Free Trial USD55.00 N/A** Free Trial USD35.00 USD35.00
US Press Release Feed** Free Trial USD5.00 USD5.00
• Briefing in Play** Free Trial USD40.00 USD40.00
• Briefing in Play Plus** Free Trial USD60.00 USD60.00
• Briefing Trader** Free Trial USD325.00 USD325.00
Reuters Worldwide Fundamentals USD7.00 USD55.00
Reuters Global Newswire USD7.00 USD75.00
Reuters StreetEvents Calendars USD10.00 USD40.00
Morningstar Equity, ETF and Credit Reports** Free Trial USD20.00 USD50.00
Zacks Equity Research Reports** Free Trial USD10.00 USD15.00



* Receive the Research Platform free for one month, then receive the introductory monthly rate of just $69.00 for the next twelve months. At the end of the 12-month introductory period you will be charged the standard rate of $89.00/month.

** Receive free for one month. At the end of the free trial you will be charged the full monthly fee.